Top 6 Best Cantilever Parasols | Reviews and Buyers Guide

Top 6 Best Cantilever Parasols | Reviews and Buyers Guide

Last updated on October 20th, 2021

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Searching for the best cantilever parasol? Go no further. We have taken pristine time to prepare this review in sight that it may be of help to you. Cantilever parasols are versatile, come in many colours and some of them have very unique features. They can be placed next to the pool, patio or a bar street if you choose to. They add style to any place they are added and that is why so many of us love them.

Today we look at six cantilever parasols that are made of quality materials and the convenient features they have. Considering that the marketplace introduces new products every day, we thought we present you with the more notable ones. You will find detailed reviews that will give you deeper insight into the products. The buying guide is on duty to inform you of considerations to make before making any purchases.

We hope by the time you are through reading, you can pick the best freestanding or the best wall mounted parasol from the multitude of products in the market. Shall we begin?

Though they were parasols offering larger coverage, the Jarder Parasol Set proved adequate in all other fields. With height adjustable and tilting features, this 3m2 cantilever parasol is the only one that comes with its own base and cover. The premium unit is pricey but you can rest assured that the quality is incomparable.


Jarder Parasol Set

We chose this parasol set to be the best simply because it comes with everything that you need. Admittedly, the cantilever parasol is quite pricey but at least you can be sure of making no further purchases. Compared to the rest, it does not possess a better star rating, but, you can be sure that you are purchasing a premium product. It offers a large coverage of 3m2 which is enough to cover standard garden furniture. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty, what more proof do you need that the product is of quality?

Mini Buyers Guide

A brief of what to look out for in a cantilever parasol

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of cantilever parasols in the market. You should be able to distinguish the high-quality units from the lesser quality ones.

Getting the right cantilever parasol means considering the shape and the features that you would like. There are some who gravitate to round parasols and others the square shape.

Features such as height adjustment and swivel features can change how you experience interacting with your parasol. Expect to see a lot of steel and aluminium frames because of their strength and ability to withstand the outdoors. Polyester canopies are also synonymous with cantilever parasols, you need to consider the thickness and colour you want.

There are a few things to consider and at the end, it boils down to personal choice. More of these factors to consider are explained further in the buying guide.


COSTWAY 2.7m Parasol

This versatile parasol can be placed in different settings whether near the pool or a bar street. We love that it offers adequate coverage and also possesses height adjustability features. UV ray protected and showerproof, this cantilever parasol will offer years of service. Be sure to add the cost of the base to the parasol and make monetary considerations before purchasing.

Top 6 Cantilever Parasol Reviews

With so many products in the market, things can get a tad confusing. Therefore, we have selected six of the best cantilever parasol models in the market with the hopes that you will find one that fits your needs.

Jarder Parasol Set – 3m Cantilever Garden Parasols with Base & Cover

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  • Comes as a set that comprises of the parasol, base and cover.
  • The cantilever design allows the user to tilt the parasol to the position the parasol to their liking.
  • It has height adjustable features.
  • Provides a handle for easy movement of the unit from location to location.
  • Gives adequate coverage of 3m2.
  • Features a weighted base that can be filled with sand or water
  • Available in different colours.
  • Comes with a 180g/m² polyester canopy that is both UV and water resistant.
  • Provides a quality 350/m² 600D polyester cover with a drawstring for closure and eyelets for ventilation.
  • Offers a 3-year limited warranty.

The price of the Jarder Parasol Set may have made you blink a few times but then again it is worth the trouble. The set comprises of the cantilever parasol, a cover and a base that you can fill to add more stability. Therefore, as you can see, it comes with everything you need evading the need for extra purchases.

As a user, you are able to position the parasol where you want thanks to its design. The parasol is suspended from a steel frame which gives it the flexibility to move around and cover you from the sun as it traverses the sky. Additionally, the 2.5m height of the parasol is adjustable allowing you to find a comfortable spot.

This cantilever parasol is not stingy when it comes to coverage as it is able to cover up to 3m2. You can sit with company and everyone is protected from the glaring sun. Furthermore, you can fill the base with either sand or water to provide stability against strong winds or people toppling it over.

Since it is an outdoor product, it has to withstand the elements. That is why you find that the 180g/m² polyester canopy is UV and 100% waterproof. You can be sure that the colour of the parasol won’t fade over time. It even comes with a handle so that you can move the unit around with ease despite its weight. The ratchet provided is easy to engage therefore opening and closing the unit will be seamless.

The base of the unit measures 265cm x 70cm, therefore, you have enough room for stability. Depending on what you fill the empty 8kg base with, the weight will increase substantially. With water, the base weighs 62kgs and with sand, it is estimated at 80kgs. If you live in superiorly windy areas, then you may need a bit more reinforcement.

All these features come with a 3-year limited warranty. Read the terms and conditions of the warranty for a better understanding.

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COSTWAY 2.7M Outdoor Parasol

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  • Made from strong powder-coated steel and 180g/m² polyester for durability.
  • The parasol can be tilted to find the perfect angle for the user.
  • The materials used are UV protected to avoid fading, and, fast wear and tear.
  • Provides coverage of 2.7m2 which is adequate for standard outdoor furniture.
  • Sold at an affordable price.
  • Comes in a variety of colours to pick from.
  • It is a multi-functional parasol that can fit in different settings and environments.
  • Quite easy to set up.

The COSTWAY 2.7M Outdoor Parasol is the kind of parasol that could place on the beach, terrace, or even a bar street. It comes in a myriad of colours allowing it to fit in any setting. Made from powder-coated steel, the frame is able to support the canopy as needed. There are 8 steel ribs that support the canopy which in turn, permits the unit to be stable even when tilted in different angles.

For the canopy material, we are looking at 180g/m² polyester that has been treated to withstand UV rays and keep water from seeping in. This cantilever parasol is not 100% waterproof but it can withstand light rain showers.

The canopy is able to cover 2.7m2 which is adequate to protect a few people from the sun. It also features a 2.45m frame that can be adjusted to suit the height that you need. It does not come with a weighted base and therefore, you will have to get creative. People residing in windy areas need heavier weights to be placed on the base to provide stability over time.

For the sake of longevity, it is not advised to leave this unit outside when it rains. This is because the material will be exposed to high levels of humidity that will promote mould growth. It is not supplied with a cover and therefore, you may need to buy one.

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Charles Bentley Garden Premium Hanging Parasol

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  • Offers a wide coverage of 3.5m2 which is larger than a standard parasol.
  • Made from aluminium which is a light material butt strong enough to weather the outdoors.
  • Able to be tilted in different angles to suit the user’s needs.
  • Comes with a cover to protect the parasol when it is not in use.
  • Easy to assemble, making it user-friendly.
  • The parasol is UV resistant and waterproof therefore prolonging service life.
  • Pricey but offers enough coverage to work with for events or simple get-togethers.

Are you looking for an extra-large parasol? Why not look at the Charles Bentley Garden Premium Hanging Parasol? It comes with a 3.5m diameter canopy effectively providing coverage for your outdoor events or a simple dinner with your closest friends. The good thing about this parasol is its ability to be tilted in the angle needed with ease therefore, protecting you from both the sun and rain.

The frame of the parasol is designed to be light just to effect easy manoeuvrability. It is made from aluminium which is light but still strong enough to support the weight of the canopy. Aluminium will not rust and neither concede to corrosion. The canopy itself is created of polyester which is easy to clean and has been treated to withstand UV rays. The material is also waterproof and therefore will offer protection from the rain.

The combination of these materials creates a strong unit that may serve you for decades if well taken care of. The manufacturer recommends that you avoid leaving the unit unmanned in harsh weather. Leaving the unit outside in harsh weather will compromise the structural integrity of the parasol overtime.

Usually, parasols at this price are supplied with a base for stability. However, with this unit, the parasol is accompanied by a cover only. You will have to make plans for purchasing a weighted base that is able to support the unit over time. The 2.6m height cantilever parasol measures H263 x L360 x W360cm when assembled. No need to worry about assembly, it will only take a few minutes and you are good to go.

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Deuba Half Parasol Umbrella 10 ft

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  • Made from steel and 100% polyester to make the structure robust.
  • The half round parasol is perfect for small and narrow spaces.
  • Equipped with a crank handle to facilitate easy opening and closing of the unit.
  • Fetched at an affordable price.
  • The polyester canopy provides 40+UV protection and water resistance permitting the unit to survive the outdoors.
  • Easy to set up and store as it takes up little space.
  • Sold in various colours to suit personal taste.

The Deuba Half Parasol Umbrella can be purchased in two colours, beige and charcoal. This affordable parasol is a half round and covers an area of 3m2 adequate for small outdoor spaces. In the case you were looking for an affordable small parasol, this is definitely a unit that would work perfectly.

To open and close the parasol, requires seamless action. That is why this unit features a crank handle for that simple convenience. It is important to understand that this unit possesses no height adjustability or tilting features because it is a simple as they come. If you were looking for a model that possesses height and tilting features, you may want to consider another model.

Structurally the unit is sound comprising of a steel frame and a 100% polyester canopy. The polyester canopy is treated to offer 40+UV protection, therefore, ensuring that the canopy maintains its appearance and strength. Additionally, the canopy is water repellent protecting you from light rain showers. On top of the canopy is an air passage that facilitates ventilation when it gets too hot.

This space-saving model measures 1.5 x 2.7 x 2.3 m. You can effectively place it in narrow places without problems. On top of that, it is easy to store because it takes up less space compared to the larger parasols.

Be sure to make space in your budget for a base, as it is not provided by the manufacturer. You may also need to purchase a cover to protect your parasol from dust and water damage. Other than that, this simple but good quality parasol is ready to serve you when you come calling.

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Norfolk Leisure 2m Square Wall Mounted Cantilever Parasol

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  • It is a wall-mounted unit and therefore, saves space.
  • Provides 2m2 of coverage.
  • Made of a powder coated aluminium frame and 220g of polyester material for strength.
  • Comes with a crank handle for fast opening and closing.
  • Can be tilted to offer more coverage from the sun.
  • The polyester canopy is both rain shower and sun proof making it appropriate for the outdoors.
  • Comes with brackets for simple installation.

The Norfolk Leisure 2m cantilever parasol is a wall mounted parasol that you can purchase for your home. If the thought of having a freestanding unit does not appeal to you then a wall mounted version like this one is what you need.

Purchased in a grey colour this wall mounted 2m x 2m parasol is made of aluminium steel and polyester canopy. The aluminium frame is protected from weather damage due to the powder-coated layer that keeps rust and corrosion at bay. The 2m2 canopy is made entirely from 220g polyester which is both UV protected and showerproof. This canopy is supported by 14-14mm aluminium ribs that prevent the material from flailing in the wind.

A metal bracket has been supplied with the parasol to make installation an easy process. Once you install the parasol, you can sit and relax under the shade. The parasol comes with a crank handle to close and open the unit fast. Although there is no height adjustment in this parasol, you can tilt it to suit your needs. The unit tilts to about 45-degrees in either direction, adequately offering you coverage depending on the current location of the sun.

Experience fast and free delivery of this product depending on your location. As a reminder, you may find that the screws are not supplied because surfaces vary. Make plans of attaining the right screws once you have settled on where to locate the parasol.

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COSTWAY 3M Outdoor LED Parasol Banana Cantilever

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  • Features 24 solar LED lights to illuminate the space at night.
  • Made of powder-coated steel and 180g polyester for the sake of durability.
  • The canopy material used is both water resistant and UV protected.
  • Features both height adjustable and tilting abilities for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Comes with a crank handle and safety pin for easy user interaction.
  • Features a cross base that can be weighed down for stability.
  • Adds a sense of elegance to the garden especially at night with the lights on.
  • Sold in a variety of colours.

The COSTWAY 3M Outdoor LED Parasol will make your nights more special thanks to the 24 solar LED lights installed in the inner surface. You can enjoy quiet relaxed evenings outside with your family without needing additional lights.

As always, in order to survive the outdoors, the materials used have to be of a certain strength. That is why this model is made of hanging powder coated steel and 180g polyester. The powder coated steel is protected from rust/corrosion. The polyester canopy is both UV protected and water repellent allowing you to enjoy time under the parasol whether it is sunny or raining.

In the spirit of creating the right relaxing environment, finding the right angle to protect yourself from the sun is important. That is why you can make use of this parasol tilting abilities to find the right spot. The canopy is supported by 8 steel ribs to make manoeuvrability possible without compromising the whole structure. In addition, you can adjust the 2.45m height to suit your needs at any given point.

For stability’s sake, the parasol features a cross base that has to be weighed down. Whether you use sandbags or concrete, make sure that the unit can withstand fast winds. The crank handle is there to make closures/openings easier while the safety pin holds the canopy in position. You can easily interact with this model with few annoyances.

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Buyers Guide

Key factors to consider when choosing a cantilever parasol

You have an option to settle for a free-standing cantilever parasol or select the best wall mounted parasol you can get. It all boils down to the amount of space you have and the style you are trying to impart in your garden. Cantilever parasols come in various sizes and shapes, here are a few factors to consider before you purchase one.

How much space do you have?

The space that you have will determine the size of cantilever parasol you can obtain. If you have enough room to play with, you have no limitations as to the size of parasol you can get. People tied down for space require smaller parasols or limited designs that take less space. You can choose to get half round units like the Deuba Half Parasol Umbrella that fits perfectly in narrow spaces.

Also, remember to put in mind storage space for the parasol when it is not in use. You want a parasol that can be easily stored without taking up too much space.

Quality of materials 

Parasols are made of a combination of metal and fabric. A good parasol will be created from durable materials that can withstand spending hours on end outdoors. In many cases, cantilever frames are made from strong materials like steel and aluminium. These metals are given protective coatings to keep the metal from rusting or corroding.

The canopy of the parasol in most cases is made from polyester. The density of the polyester determines how much protection you will get from the sun. Usually calculated g/m2, the density of the fabric together with UV protection treatment makes the parasol the perfect place to relax. Polyester can also be treated to make it 100% waterproof or at least offer a bit of water resistance.

Adjustable functions

Apart from having an easy to handle crank handle, you need other features to make your interaction comfortable. Adjustable features make interacting with the parasol easier. For instance, a cantilever parasol needs height adjustment mechanisms so that the user is able to find a sweet spot. Additionally, a canopy that can be tilted would be convenient to shade you from the sun throughout the day. If you are lucky enough to get a model that can rotate 360 degrees, you need not move your furniture around.

Extra features and accessories

It is easy to get a simple parasol but sometimes getting extra features and accessories is much more appreciated. Most of the manufacturers do provide covers for their parasols to keep the parasols from dirt. Some go even further to provide thick covers with eyelets. The eyelets promote air circulation, therefore, preventing the fabric from growing mouldy.

Do you need some illumination as you have dinner with your better half? Then search for models such as the COSTWAY 3M Outdoor LED Parasol. Models like these feature LED lights that are solar charged and therefore you incur no cost. You can enjoy a relaxing evening and still add a sense of style to your garden.

Surviving the outdoors

For any item to survive the outdoors, the materials used have to strong and weatherproof. Metallic bits of the parasol may be powder-coated or painted to prevent rust/corrosion from happening. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in regards to maintaining and cleaning the parasol. This allows the parasol to maintain its appearance for longer.

The fabric canopy also has to withstand both sun and moisture. That is why most cantilever parasols canopies come with UV protection and water resistant features. Admittedly, the level of protection will vary depending on the price level of the parasol. There are canopies that are 100% waterproof and some just offer protection from light rain showers. Confirm these details from the product details before deciding to purchase.

Below is a table that shows different levels of UV protection that your parasol product details may indicate. The different levels provide a different intensity of protection with products that are 50+ UPF offering maximum protection.

UPFLevel Of Protection
30-49Very high
50+Maximum protection

A weighted base

Even if you do not live in windy areas, a weighted base is important to keep the parasol steady. Many cantilever parasols come with bases that can be filled with water, sand or cement to make the base stable. Some cannot be filled and therefore the result is to place heavy weights on top of the base. Ideally, for a base to retain its stability, it has to be wide. A wide base gives the parasol more stability even in the midst of strong winds.


Not all cantilever parasols offer warranties but in the case that you identify with the brand, you can purchase a unit comfortably. If it is your first time it is better to get a unit like the Jarder Parasol Set that offers a 3-year limited warranty. In the case that you find using the parasol challenging, the manufacturer is able to offer credible solutions.

Our Final Conclusion

There is no limit as to the shape, colour or design of a cantilever parasol you can access in the market. Just keep in mind that the shape of the parasol will have to fit in the space you have, therefore, seek all the options available in case you are tied down for space. Additionally, have some fun with it! Pick the colour you want, add some lights and spend a relaxing moment with company under your magnificent parasol.

Found what you were looking for? If you have we are more than pleased. If you have not, worry not, join us next time and see whether you find the best cantilever parasol.

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