Top 5 Best Mole Trap – The Guide To Controlling Moles

Top 5 Best Mole Trap – The Guide To Controlling Moles

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Is your garden troubled by moles? 

Well, there is only one way to stop a pesky intruder – installing the best mole trap in your lawn. We use ‘best’ because there are many cheap copies of some top quality traps on the market. But the best trap for catching moles will kill each and every time the rodent tries to pass through. Speaking of killing, it has to be executed in the most humane way possible – no need to torture the mole, but give it a quick rest. And this is another characteristic of mole traps that actually work. 

Indeed, there are so many of these products on the market that selecting a good mole trap can be confusing. That’s why in this article we talk about the various types of mole traps and we review some quality traps available out there.

While we have reviewed the top 5 mole traps we could find, the Duffus Mole Trap x 3 stands out of the crowd. The stainless steel trap is strong and easy to use, while being effective at catching moles. The trap is suitable for a variety of mole runs as well as soil types. Its quality is unparalleled and we believe its worth the money. 

Read on to learn more and check out our recommendations. 


Duffus Mole Trap x 3

This device is well-built to catch and kill moles instantly without the rodent torturing the rodent. Its suitable for shallow and deep runs, as well as for any soil type. Furthermore, the trap is easy to set up with three instructional videos available to help. 

Mini Buyers Guide

Choosing a mole trap that suits your needs

Moles types come in different types including tunnel traps, scissor traps and claw traps. 

Tunnel traps, commonly know as ‘duffus’, are designed to be installed underground, making them ideal for homeowners looking for a discreet mole solution. 

Scissor traps are the conventional types that are still a go-to solution for professional mole trappers. A scissor trap is half buried into the ground with its handles visible on the surface. This means they are easy to watch and you can tell when a mole is caught. 

Claw traps primarily have two claw sections for catching a mole. They are usually installed in the mole run cavity and any disturbance will force the claws to look in on the intruder. 

Now, these are the options you have and below you can find good examples of them all. 


SWISSINNO Mole Trap SuperCat 

Although more expensive than many other mole traps, this one has a practical design that’s ease to operate in addition to being an effective tunnel trap. Moreover, the trap is reusable, meaning it will be useful for years. 

Top 5 Mole Trap Reviews

Duffus Mole Trap x 3

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  • Powerful and strong trap that’s made from stainless steel. 
  • Supplied with three instructional videos for set up, finding moles and handling them. 
  • Suitable for both shallow and deep mole runs.
  • Perfect for all soil types.
  • Great quality at an amazing price.
  • No jamming issues thanks to a solid construction.
  • Very discrete solution as it can be covered by soil to avoid being seen. 

This Duffus Mole Trap x 3 could be the best thing to happen to a mole infested garden. First of all, these are made here in England from robust stainless steel. They have incredibly strong wire hooks and powerful springs, as well as benefit from proper set up and adjustment, leaving cheaper varieties in the shade. 

The number ‘3’ you see on the title means you get three pieces of this device.  It also comes with three set up and handling videos supplied with this product. You can never go wrong with the mole trap as you will also learn beforehand how to locate mole runs and install them plus how to look after them. Combined with a few minutes of your homework, you will be trapping moles quickly, humanely and efficiently, whether in very shallow or very deep runs. 

Chris of Molecatching, designer of this product, says the product is perfect for all soil types. Half of the trap features a metal tunnel, which is thing  you bury underground to avoid having unsightly traps in your garden. Its robust construction means very little to no disturbance and stones won’t cause any kind of jamming, unlike other flimsy models.  

The overall quality of this Duffus Mole Trap is second to none. Beware of cheap replicas of this device as they are nowhere near as effective at trapping dirt rodents. The Duffus powerful springs, however, kills the pest in an instant to reduce unnecessary suffering. Moreover, there is absolutely no chance of the mole escapting once it has been caught. 

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  • Very affordable mole traps and they come in a set of five. 
  • Easy to set up.
  • They have extra powerful springs that no mole can escape from. 
  • Made from long-lasting plated steel.
  • Allows for safe and convenient checking. 

The PESTEXPEL PROFESSIONAL SCISSOR MOLE TRAPS x 5 is a top choice for professional mole trappers because of two major reasons. One, these 5-piece trap is reasonably affordable. Second, these traps allows one to safely keep an eye where they are at all times. Apart from that, they act quickly and give the rodents a quick and humane death. 

These traps feature a plated steel construction that guarantees years of service and longevity. Ease of set up is another thing we love about this trap and the fact that it can be monitored from distance. The locking springs are very powerful and any disturbance will cause them to close on the rodent. Open handles will indicate that there’s a dead animal to be removed. 

However, there are a few downsides. The mole trap can be challenging to set up in very shallow or very deep runs, making the tunnel type a good option in such scenarios. And if you have pets in your garden, these traps may not be a good idea because of the handles staying above ground. If none of these is an issue in your though, then the PestExpel mole traps are good to consider. 

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Talpex Trap Genuine with video instructions

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  • Perfect for stone free soils. 
  • Designed by a 50-year experienced mole catcher.
  • Comes with a 7-minute video to help with set up.
  • Has a super powerful spring that will kill the moll instantly.

This Talpex Trap Genuine mole trap is as unique as it is effective at its role. The manufacturer boasts over 50 years experience in catching moles and it’s hard to argue what this offering brings on the table. It has also been hailed as the world’s best mole trap to use in stone-free soils. 

What’s more? The Talpex is one of the cheapest mole traps on the market, making it perfect for homeowners on a budget or for those with smaller lawns. For increased effectiveness, the manufacturer recommends combining with a tunnel trap. They also give a 7-minute YouTube video to show you all the possible ways to set it up. 

The only negative is that these are only suitable for stony soils as the stones can interfere with the mechanism and stop the device from closing as it should. Othwerise when coupled with a tunnel trap, the Talpex is a godsend . 

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Beagle Garden Products EasySet Mole Trap

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  • Very easy to use; simply press down the plunger and wait for a customer.
  • Easy to when the trigger is activated. 
  • Box design, which enhances user safety when handling the mole.
  • Great construction featuring moulded engineering plastics and galvanized steel. 

One of the top characteristics of the the best trap for catching moles is that it has to be easy to use. One company has taken matters to the next level and made a mole trap so easy that kids could virtually use it. The Beagle Garden Products EasySet Mole Trap is incredibly eay to use that the name says it all. Its simplistic design allows you to set the device and push down on the plunger, and voila. 

This mole trap sticks out due to its moulded engineering plastics along with galvanized steel springs for effective killing action. And the moment you see the red plunger activated, you’ll know that something’s caught up in there. 

Single rodents will be easily dealt with using this mole trap, but you may need something else for large areas infested by multiple moles. Nevertheless, any mole attempting to pass through this trap will no doubt be caught and killed, while the box makes it safe to handle. All things considered, this mole trap is great for first-timers as it’s probably the safest product on the market. 

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SWISSINNO Mole Trap SuperCat

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  • Simplistic, yet effective design backed by 20 years expertise in pest control. 
  • Can be installed in a range of places, including lawns, vegetable gardens, sports fields, parks, golf courses, and more.
  • Gives a clear above ground signal when it has made a kill.
  • Comes with an installation video to ease set up. 

This SWISSINNO Mole Trap SuperCat is a super effective tool with with high catch rates. The trap is designed to be installed in a tunnel, where it catches the mole as soon as it tries to pass through. Its powerful killer-blow system kills the mole instantly and humanely. The trap is accessible from both sides, meaning the mole will be caught no matter the direction its moving. 

Ease of set up is another thing we like about this trap. The procedure is pretty straightforward with no serious strength needed to stretch the springs. SWISSINNO recommends that you watch their explanatory video on proper installation and operating the trap.  And how do you know of the mole has been caught? Simple – the wings drop down to the sides of the mole trap. 

The quality of this trap is backed by 20 years of Swiss experience in pest control and ecological solutions for controlling rodents. As this trap works without poison or chemicals, it is very practical and maintenance-free. The only thing you have to do is check whether the trouble has been arrested, remove it and re-set the trap. For its effectiveness, ease of set up, safe and humane approach, this SuperCat mole trap is our second best recommendation. 

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Buyers Guide

Moles traps are really simple tools but they do a hell of a job. Basically, you just need to choose from one of the three types covered earlier and you will be good to go. 

Keep in mind that finding the best mole trap does not mark the end of the problem as a lot will still be required from you to ensure the trap is effective. Below there are some crucial tips that can improve results. 

Wear gloves when handling the trap

Moles are lone creatures and spend most of their lives in solo tunnels. That being the case, moles can sense foreign scent straightaway. Touching the trap with bare hands will leave your scent on it and that will only deter the mole from approaching the trap. 

Similarly, when removing your trap, it may not always be readily apparent that the trap actually caught the rodent. You may find yourself dealing with a mole corpse to dispose of and you won’t like to touch it with bare hands, leave alone the nasty smell. Therefore, gloves are a must. 

Clean your trap

Due to the reason explained above, you will want to clean the trap thoroughly after removing it from the box as well as after every future use. The only smell the trap should have is that of earth, and you can achieve that by soaking the trap in soil before setting it up. 

Irrigate the area beforehand

Moles love the smell of fresh soil. Since the traps can only be placed at the surface tunnels, you will need a way to entice the pesky rodent to come up to the upper runs of their network. Spraying water to the top soil can do the trick because it loosens up dirt and becomes captivating for the mole to pass through. 

Our Final Conclusion

Mole infestations can render a garden lifeless if not dealt with in time. While you have the option of calling a professional mole catcher, investing in a mole trap is a cost-effective solution in itself. We believe you can find the best trap for catching moles from the products above as they are currently the best rated by customers. That said, good luck with that mole!

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