Hydrangea Videos

Hydrangea Videos

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We have collected the best Hydrangea related videos from around the web and placed them all in one place!

Introduction to Hydrangeas

The first video is a introduction to Hydrangeas and is a little over 9 minutes long and is filmed on Bennett Nurseries and takes you along there magnificent hydrangea trail where they explain the different types if hydrangea which include mop heads, lacecaps and oakleaf Hydrangeas to name a few. They also explain how to change the colour of flowers as well as when to prune.

This video is a must see and offers lots of interesting information for novices and experts alike!


How to take Hydrangea cuttings

This next video is about how to take Hydrangea cutting, there are a few ways to takes cuttings but we found taking hard wood cutting in late summer (in the fall) is ideal. The video is just under 5 minutes and talks you through the whole process of taking Hydrangea cutting. It can be a slow to watch but if your interested in taking cutting its well worth a watch!


When to prune Hydrangeas

This video is a explanation on when to prune the 4 main types of Hydrangea, the video is by the Backyard Farmer but does not show you how to prune them. Worth a watch if your trying to work out when you should be pruning your Hydrangea.



Changing the color of Hydrangeas

This video is a excellent video on why hydrangeas change color from pink to blue and blue to pink. It also explains what you need to do to change your hydrangea to your preferred color. So how do you get that perfect blue or pink?, watch now to find out.