Best Lawn Sprinklers – Top 5 Water-Efficient Sprinklers Reviewed

Best Lawn Sprinklers – Top 5 Water-Efficient Sprinklers Reviewed

Last updated on October 20th, 2021

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Your garden needs not to stay parched if you can help it. When the sun shows up blistering hot, dry patches may form making your lawn look off. That is why sprinklers are a blessing, they can keep your garden green for as long as you have a flowing tap. Whether you want a pulsating or oscillating sprinkler, the truth remains that the best lawn sprinkler is out there for you.

In this post, we present some notable products in the market and further below you will find a buyers guide with tips to purchasing the  best garden sprinkler. By the time you are done reading this review, you would most likely have found a sprinkler worth investing your money in. 

After a few days of research and comparisons involving 20 different lawn sprinklers, the best garden sprinkler came down to the Costwise Group Pro Oscillating Bar Sprinkler. The votes are in and from several reviews, customers agree that it has a stable metal base compared to the rest. It also delivers optimal performance whether in low or high water pressure. With a metallic base and 16 adjustable nozzles to work with, this sprinkler will easily cover a small-medium lawn with ease. 


Costwise Group Pro Oscillating Bar Sprinkler

Covering an area of approximately 385m, this high-quality sprinkler comes with 16-easy to clean nozzles. Additionally, the sprinkler features a metal base which is crucial in keeping the sprinkler in an upright position. Unlike some other flimsy models, this unit is very stable and it works even with low-pressure water. The device is compatible with most hose connectors plus it is easy to use around pathways. Most agree that this oscillating unit does what it says on paper, making it a no-brainer for most people.

Mini Buyers Guide

How to choose a garden sprinkler

Buying a sprinkler is not as complicated as say, shopping for a new refrigerator. There are few factors to consider but they are nonetheless important.

First, what is the size of your lawn/garden? Once you answer this question, you can figure out if you want a stationary sprinkler, an oscillating sprinkler, a rotary sprinkler or even a pulsating sprinkler.

One also has to consider the range and angle of water delivery. You may want a model that offers both long and short range watering abilities. Also, it is important to confirm if the sprinkler will work with high water pressure as well as low water pressure.

Now, that’s not all as we have expounded on these and other factors in the buyers guide after the detailed reviews below. 


Gardena 8135-20 Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler

This sprinkler has some great features to work with. For example, you can set the pulse sprinkler to move between 25-360 degrees. This feature is convenient when you only want to water a certain area of the lawn. Additionally, this sprinkler is able to cover a large area of approximately 490m2, you can connect more sprinklers to the unit provided if you have an extra-large lawn. Backed with a 5- year warranty, you expect this unit to deliver long years of service. It is easy to operate, has metal inserts for stability and furthermore, it is worth every penny.

Top 5 Lawn Sprinkler Reviews

Costwise Group Pro Oscillating Bar Sprinkler

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  • Features a metallic base for enhanced stability.
  • An oscillating sprinkler with an impressive coverage of 3852.
  • Easy to set up and connect with the hose.
  • Comes with a nozzle cleaning tool.
  • Provides an inlet filter to avoid nozzle blockages.
  • Features multi-adjustable nozzles to fit alongside paths.

The Costwise Group Pro Oscillating Bar Sprinkler features a metal base whose function is to stabilise the unit. Unlike the plastic sprinklers that tend to flip around when the water pressure is high, this sprinkler will stay put where you place it. Able to cover an area of 385m, this oscillating sprinkler nozzle position can be adjusted to make it easy to use along pathways.

Taking only a few minutes to set up, this oscillating sprinkler comes with its own hose connector. The inlet filter installed performs a good job preventing the nozzles from blocking. The filter removes debris from the water that may cause blockages over time.  The nozzles themselves are easy to clean and the manufacturer made certain to provide a reliable cleaning tool.

Appropriate for large lawns/ gardens, this sprinkler is compatible with Hozelock hose connectors therefore, there is no need for purchasing additional connectors. Purchased at an affordable price, this sprinkler will perform well even with low water pressure. Durable and strong, you will get adequate value for your money.

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Gardena 8135-20 Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler

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  • Permits the user to water specific areas of the lawn without having to water the other section.
  • Covers an area between 79-490m2 depending on the sprinkling range of 25-360 degrees.
  • Able to connect with other sprinklers to form rows that cover a larger area.
  • Both the metal hammer and brass nozzles are made from quality materials therefore, assuring a long service life.
  • Comes with a 5- year warranty.
  • Features metal inserts for stability on the ground.

Covering a maximum area of 490m2, the Gardena 8135-20 Premium Full or Part Circle Pulse Sprinkler is simple to operate. The sprinkler system can be set to water the sector of the garden between 25-360 degrees. This allows you to only water the section of the lawn that you want without having to waste water on other areas.

For stability when water is coursing through the sprinkler, the base of the sprinkler consist of metallic parts. The metal weighs the unit down therefore creating a stable platform for the sprinkler to disperse water without flipping. Additionally, you can connect several sprinklers in a row if you have end caps and the Gardena system connector. Connecting additional sprinklers will cover large lawns in a shorter time compared to single units.

To ensure that your money does not go to waste, the sprinkler is created from durable materials. Quality materials last longer therefore, removing the need to purchase other units regularly. The high precision brass nozzles and metal hammer components of this sprinkler will not fail you. You can trust the sprinkler will work for more than 5-years and it is backed by a 5-year warranty. Compatible with most hose connectors, this 399g unit works like a charm.

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Quantum Garden Z23 White Line Oscillating Sprinkler

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  • Made from quality Abs plastic material and it has a stable base.
  • Depending on water pressure the sprinkler is able to cover 312m2 of the lawn.
  • Features a sliding tab to facilitate water range adjustment.
  • Comes with its own cleaning pin.
  • Sold at a very affordable price.

Introducing the Quantum Garden Z23 White Line Oscillating Sprinkler that features 16 easy to clean nozzles. Covering an area of 312m2, this oscillating sprinkler can serve both small and medium sized lawns with ease. Depending on your water pressure, the coverage might differ.  The sliding tab installed is present to allow range adjustment. This permits you to control how far you want the water to reach.

This simple sprinkler is has a stable base therefore, it is not likely to move once set in position. The construction of the material is strong enough not to break when stepped on. You can leave it outside with no worries of damages.

If you do not already have a reliable standard hose connector, you need to get one as this unit does not come with one. For maintenance purposes, this unit comes with its own nozzle cleaning pin. There are instructions provided that will guide you on how to clean the nozzles using the pin. Made from Abs plastic material, this unit is more affordable compared to the rest.

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Oasis Ahead Lawn Sprinkler K-200

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  • Comes with angle adjustments between 0-360 degrees in order to cover the area selected.
  • Covers both long and short range watering activities.
  • Features an accessible shut off valve for convenience.
  • It has a diffusion pin to introduce diffusion into the water stream.
  • Comes with an additional sprinkler head.
  • It can be connected to multiple sprinklers to effect wide coverage.
  • Offers a 2-year warranty and 60-day money back guarantee for customer satisfaction.

The Oasis Ahead Lawn Sprinkler K-200 will cater to all your watering needs without missing a bit. This pulsating sprinkler can be adjusted to suit the angle of water direction required from 0-360 degrees. Conveniently, there is a shut-off valve installed when you feel like the lawn has been watered adequately. This shut-off valve saves you the time and energy you would have used scrambling for the tap.

It does not matter if you have a small or large garden. This sprinkler range caters to both long range and short range watering activities. If your water pressure is right, this unit will be able to easily cover 4000-6000ft2. Created from heavy duty plastic, this sprinkler is durable and can withstand the outdoors without much damage. The rubber grips and weighted base ensures the unit stays in position.

For those who need more than one sprinkler for adequate coverage, this unit is unit can be connected to other sprinklers. You will find that the manufacturer has provided an extra sprinkler head for convenience. The good thing is that you can get a discount for buying more than one sprinkler head.

In the case that you do not fancy this unit, you have the 60-money back guarantee offered by Oasis. Additionally, there is also a 2-year warranty offered to cover any defects with the product.

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Gardena 2082-20 Classic Oscillating Sprinkler Polo 220

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  • Covers 90-220m2 of square or rectangular lawns with ease.
  • Features range adjusting features for your watering needs.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Evenly waters the lawns without producing puddles.
  • It has a stainless steel filter to prevent the nozzles from blocking.
  • Comes with its own nozzle cleaning pin.

The Gardena 2082-20 Classic Oscillating Sprinkler Polo 220 is another affordable unit you can purchase for your lawn. This specific sprinkler was created to water square and rectangular lawns providing a seamless motion. Able to cover an area of between 90-220m2, this sprinkler performs optimally without causing puddles.

The unit is made of durable materials that are able to survive the outdoors. The structure contains a stainless steel mesh that is able to prevent debris from clogging the nozzles. Additionally, a cleaning needle is provided to clear any dirt that may have surpassed the filter. This, in turn, sees to it that your plants can receive as much water as they can, turning dry leaves to evergreen.

On top of no maintenance needed for this sprinkler, this unit comes with an adjustable range from 7-17m. The maximum width provided is 13m which will be able to cover your lawn seamlessly. Simple and affordable, this German-made unit comes with a 5- year warranty. The warranty attests to the high quality of the product.

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Buyers Guide

With the number of sprinklers in the market, we believe that everyone can fetch the best lawn sprinkler. This is, of course, keeping in mind your watering needs and the size of your budget. What you need to understand are the features that you want your sprinkler to possess. Before we get to explaining what these features are responsible for. Let us look at why you need sprinklers in the first place:

Advantages of sprinklers

  • They come in different types ensuring that all types of lawns can be catered to.
  • Instead of watering the lawn manually with a hose, one can just set up the sprinkler and let it do its job.
  • You will save money that might have been used to purchase new hoses. This is a common thing with hoses of less quality that leak easily.
  • Most sprinklers are created to work with both low and high water pressure. Your garden does not need to dry out despite your water situation.
  • Makes a good activity of kids/pets to enjoy playing in when the sun is blistering hot.
  • Some come with cool technological features like digital timers where you can set when you want the sprinklers to come on.
  • They are compatible with standard hose connectors thus, using them is a breeze.

Choosing the best lawn sprinkler

Type of sprinkler

True to their nature, sprinklers come in many designs and possess different features. If you are looking for the best garden sprinkler then you might want to pay attention to the different kinds available in the market.

Oscillating sprinklers usually take the form of nozzles poked along a tube length. These kinds of sprinklers dispense water by moving back and forth like a pendulum. Perfect for small-medium sized gardens, these sprinklers can be set to water along pathways with ease.

Pulsating sprinklers work by releasing long streams of water when a weighted mechanism hits the anvil. These types of sprinklers are perfect for those who need units that can perform both short and long watering activities. Both small and large sized gardens can benefit from the services of pulsating sprinklers.

Stationary sprinklers work as the name suggests, in a stationary position. Being the simplest and the most affordable, these sprinklers are appropriate for small gardens. They release water through holes on the surface of the unit and they work generally well with low water pressure. If you have a small area to water, they will be the models to go for.

Rotary sprinklers feature various arms dispensing water in order to cover a wide area. These sprinklers are perfect for circular lawns or large lawns that need gentle watering. All you need to do is set the range of the water circulation and let it do its job.

Area to be covered

It is important to understand the size of the area to be watered. Like you have seen, all of the sprinklers come with specifications of the area they can cover.

If you have a small lawn or garden then the best lawn sprinkler should be able to cover that area without wasting water or missing some areas. Check the specifications provided and compare it with the measurements of your lawn before purchasing one or more sprinklers.

Water pressure considerations

Not all sprinklers are able to work with low water pressure. If your area of residence suffers from low water pressure, select a unit that can work with low water pressure. Not many products disclose this information, but you can always check previous customer reviews to get a picture of how the unit generally performs. If it works with both low and high pressure then you have a good model.


Sprinklers spend most of their time outdoors. Therefore, the materials used need to be of quality whether it is plastic or metal. There are many plastic based sprinklers out there, however, make sure that the plastic is not flimsy that if stepped on it will disintegrate. The metal bits of the sprinkler should be made of a material that does not rust like steel or fortified aluminium. The better the quality of material, the more likely the unit will last longer.

Ease of use

There are features that make interacting with a sprinkler friendlier. For example, a stable base is always welcome. That is why you find even plastic models have metallic inserts to keep the unit stable. If you don’t want a flailing sprinkler, make sure the base is at least weighted down.

It is rather unavoidable that nozzles get clogged due to their exposure to the elements. That is why units like the Costwise Group Pro Oscillating Bar Sprinkler come with their own cleaning pin. Following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you can easily keep your nozzles open ready to disperse water.

Price of the sprinkler

How many sprinklers do you need? You need to consider the price of the sprinkler before making a purchase. If you need several sprinkler heads then there is a chance to receive a discount after a certain number of sprinkler heads. If you need only one unit then it is possible to buy an affordable unit that caters to all your needs. Some are below £20 and others go beyond £100. Depending on your pocket, purchase a unit whose quality is not compromised.

Compatibility with hose connectors

What is the point of getting a sprinkler that is unable to connect to your hose? That is why you should look for sprinklers that are compatible with the hose you have at home. If you already bought the sprinkler and it doesn’t match the hose size, then adapters are always welcome. The good news is that most sprinklers fit standard sized hoses.

Adjustable features – angles and ranges

A unit that lets you select if you only want to water a section of the lawn or the whole lawn is a plus. There are instances that certain plants require more water than others. Instead of flooding the rest of the lawn you can select how far you want the water to go. Whether it is short or long range, you as the user will have the final say.

Warranty or money-back guarantee

These are at times cherries on top of the icing. If you happen not to like the product, the money-back guarantee allows you to get your money back without hassle. They are not uncommon but they are hard to come by. Warranties are there to cover any faults that develop with the sprinkler. Depending on the terms and conditions of the warranty, you may get the sprinkler replaced or repaired.

Our Final Conclusion

Overall, you are not restricted to the type of sprinkler you can buy. You have the freedom to choose right down to the specific features you need. There are many great sprinklers in the market, therefore, have some fun with it. While the Costwise Group Pro Oscillating Bar Sprinkler is our best pick, we cannot help but point out the Oasis Ahead Lawn Sprinkler K-200. For someone who needs 0-360 degree water dispersion motion, or 4000-6000ft2 of coverage, this pulsating unit will serve you well. You can always take up-their60- day money back guarantee if you are displeased.

That brings us to the end of this review, we hope that the best garden sprinkler is not beyond your reach. 

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