How to grow lemon trees in the UK?

How to grow lemon trees in the UK?

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Imagine needing a lemon for your recipe or for your cocktail and going into your own garden to pluck one off a tree. Knowing how to grow lemon trees in the UK takes a bit of knowledge and practice, but it is doable.

I’ve produced a series of articles on the major things to know to successfully grow your own lemon tree. And to keep it healthy from year to year for a continuous supply of fruit.

Taking care of lemon trees

Nice lemon tree grown in a large pot so it can be kept indoors over winter and put outside from late spring and throughout summer

Citrus trees aren’t hardy in the UK. Consequently, you need to take your lemon tree outside in the summer and move it indoors in the winter. So it does need to be in a pot. Start your learning experience about these citrus trees with How to grow a lemon tree in a pot?

Follow this with a short informative article about the growing cycle of lemon trees, How long does a lemon tree take to grow?. Then move on to the crux of the matter, How to look after a lemon tree?

I discuss how and when to prune lemon trees as well as why you might do it such as removing water shoots, excess fruit and shaping
Pruning lemon tree to encourage a bushy plant and more fruit

The next article in this Care section of the series is How and when to prune a lemon tree? Finally, I talk about how to over-winter your tree so it’s ready to go again in the spring, Can I leave my lemon tree outside in winter? and I also have a guide on how long it takes for a lemon tree to grow from seedling to fruit

Problems with lemon trees

No matter how careful you are about looking after your lemon tree, you probably will encounter problems along the way. To help you out, my second section of the Lemon Tree series deals with the most common issues you may come across and how to deal with them. Depending on the health problem you notice with your tree, you may want to check these out.

Lemon with yellowing leaves is a common problem
Lemon with yellowing leaves is a common problem

Varieties of lemon trees

Meyer lemon tree a popular lemon tree to grow in the UK
Meyer lemon tree a great variety to grow in the UK

As for the type of lemons to grow, take a look at dwarf varieties, especially the famous Meyer lemons. ‘Improved Meyer’ has thin skin and is sweeter than regular lemons as it’s a hybrid between an orange and a lemon. ‘Lemon Variegated Pink’ tastes great and looks stunning on the tree. It has variegated leaves and striped markings on the fruit.

With just a bit of patience, you can grow lemon trees in the UK and enjoy doing so.

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