Why is my pyracantha dying?

Why is my pyracantha dying?

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Don’t write off your pyracantha plant just yet. What seems to be a dying pyracantha can often be saved. Here are the most common problems with pyracantha and how to deal with them.

Pyracantha leaves falling off

This is such a common problem that I wrote a whole article about it and how to deal with it. Please read Why is my pyracantha losing its leaves for great information.

Problems with pyracantha flowers and berries

The problems here could range from not having any flowers to the flowers appearing but not getting any berries. I deal with the main reasons for this and solutions to the problems in Why is my pyracantha not flowering?

Pests and diseases

The effects of pests and diseases can range from discoloured leaves through to everything dropping off the plant. Check out the most common pests and diseases to attack pyracantha in Pyracantha pests and diseases. If you find your plant’s symptoms there, you learn what the pest or disease is and what to do about it to revive your plant.

Incorrect pruning

Although this isn’t a symptom of anything, it’s the cause of several problems with pyracantha plants. It can lead to diseases moving in, to a lack of flowers and berries, and to a generally sickly plant. These. aren’t all a result of pruning itself but by pruning at the wrong time of year or pruning incorrectly.

To learn how to prune a pyracantha correctly, please move over to How to prune pyracantha.

Something you did/are doing

There’s no nice way to say this, but maybe something you did or are doing is causing your pyracantha to appear as if it’s dying. Is it located in a sheltered position with the right soil and sunlight? Are you watering it enough and feeding it? While pyracantha are hardy plants, they do need some care and attention, especially in dry positions or when grown in pots. Learn if you’re doing the best for your plant by checking out my guide Growing and caring for pyracantha.

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