Why are my passion flower leaves turning yellow or wilting?

Why are my passion flower leaves turning yellow or wilting?

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Your passion flower leaves turning yellow or wilting could be for environmental, biological or care reasons. Most of the time, it’s because there is too much or too little of particular nutrients in the soil that can cause yellow passion vine leaves. Another reason is they have Fusarium wilt which spreads in the soil and the first signs are yellowing leaves. Overwatering, as well as under-watering, can also cause the leaves to become yellow and start to wilt. Read on to find out more about what to do about these issues which cause yellowing or wilting leaves on passion flowers.


Your passion flower may not be situated in the best location for its continued health. Is the soil slightly acidic and well-drained? Is it getting the required amount of sun each day? And what about a support framework?

Passion flowers growing in full sun on a sheltered position

Check out my article on Passiflora caerulea – Growing and caring for passion flowers for all the details about the right situation for your passion flower to grow strong and healthy. Basiclly the do best in fertile well-drained soil in a sunny sheltered position.

Passion flower leaves turning yellow or wilting may also be due to a lack/excess of nutrients in the soil. There may be an excess of boron or a lack of iron, magnesium or potassium among other elements. Buy a soil testing kit and run some of the soil in your passion flower bed through it. Then choose a fertiliser that supplies the missing minerals. If you can’t do the soil testing test, I would at least add a general fertiliser to the soil.


Are you growing the right type of passion flower in the right environment – garden, greenhouse or indoors? See the section Choosing your passion flower type in the Passion flower pests and diseases article for information about this.

Root rot of which one of the first signs is yellowing leaves
Root rot of which one of the first signs is yellowing leaves

And then there’s the pests and diseases that might attack your passion flower. Most of these are common to many plants. The article Passion flower pests and diseases explains these and gives information on what to do. Check out especially all the sections on pests as they suck the sap from the leaves, leaving them disfigured and mottled. The cucumber mosaic virus in the disease section also turns passion flower leaves yellow. And of course, there’s the common root rot problem as well.

I also have another guide on passion flower problems here which may be helpful

Your care

You might be doing something in your regular care and maintenance that’s causing your passion flower wilting problem. And it’s probably that you’re over- or under-watering the plant. You need to check your watering schedule to determine which it is. The top 3cm of the soil should be dry before you water the plant. Adjust your watering accordingly.

If you’re over-watering the plant, is the soil draining sufficiently? Check this out as a water-logged soil encourages root rot. (See the Pests and Diseases article mentioned above for more details).

If your passion is also not blooming, then check my guide for more help on this

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