How to propagate delphiniums by seed, basal cuttings and dividing

How to propagate delphiniums by seed, basal cuttings and dividing

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There are several ways to propagate delphiniums. You can plant seeds both indoors and outdoors in spring, divide the root which I do myself every 3 years, or grow them by taking basal cuttings (This is where you take the cutting from ground level). I cover all 3 ways showing you how to propagate delphiniums below starting with sowing seed.

Each section, or way to propagate delphiniums also links out to a complete guide just on that one method too.

Grow from seed

Sowing delphinium seeds in spring
Sowing delphinium seeds in spring

This is a low cost way to raise delphiniums in the full range of colours available and is a good starting point if you have no delphinium plants to propagate from in you’re garden. You can buy seeds from local nurseries or garden centres (I like to support local nurseries to me), you can even get them off Amazon from specialist seed supports or directly from some delphinium flower organizations. For the mechanics of how to propagate delphiniums from seed, see my article Growing delphiniums from seed.

Propagating delphiniums by dividing them

It’s possible to multiply your number of delphinium plants by dividing one plant into several sections. Plant each of these separately for a new delphinium flower bed. This is best down every 3 years even if you don’t want to keep the divisions you remove to keep the mother plant healthy. For how to do this, read How to Divide a Delphinium.

My favourite, propagate from cuttings

Taking basal cutting from delphinium
Taking a basal cutting from my delphinium

You can take cuttings from young or established delphinium plants when the new growth that shoots from ground level is 7cm to 10cm long. I personally like to take round 3 cutting off each plant.

To see how I propagate delphinium from cuttings, see my article How to grow delphiniums from cuttings.

Taking care of your delphiniums

Once you’ve transplanted your delphiniums into your garden, they do need some care and attention to ensure you get the best out of them. I cover this in my How to grow and care for delphiniums article.

Yellowing leaves on delphinium
Yellowing leaves on delphinium

Giving your plants the best chance for strong and healthy growth involves you being aware of what problems and issues may arise. I deal with the most common pests and diseases, plus what to do about them, in the Problems with delphiniums, including pests and diseases, article.

I also like to grow smaller varieties of delphiniums in pots which I also cover in this guide.

Finally, don’t forget to stake your delphiniums as well as give them some winter protection by mulching around the base and cutting them back correctly after flowering.

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