Do hydrangeas bloom all summer?

Do hydrangeas bloom all summer?

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Hydrangeas are a beautiful shrub, one that requires very little work and it’s easy to care for. That makes it the perfect shrub for beginning gardeners as well as expert gardeners. These shrubs come in so many varieties with beautiful flowers spanning the color wheel and they grow so prolifically that they are often used as shrubs.

But once you have picked the perfect variety and planted it in your garden, when can you expect to see those flowers that everyone has talked about?

When do hydrangeas bloom

When hydrangeas bloom is really based on the type of hydrangea you have.

When hydrangeas bloom is really based on the type of hydrangea you have. There are some hydrangeas today that are now categorized as regular bloomers such that they produce flowers all summer long. There are certain varieties that rebloom flowers on new growth and old growth alike which extends the blooming period for your flowers. Many varieties will continue to produce flowers from June until the very first frost in your area.

When do hydrangeas flower

The flowers will appear shortly after buds have made their way onto the plant. When throughout the season you get flowers is really based on the type of hydrangea and the variety. Below is a quick snapshot of three common hydrangeas that typically bloom all summer.

Endless summer hydrangea
Endless Summer Hydrangea
NameHydrangea TypeLightBlooms Features
Endless SummerMophead hydrangeaPartial sun and shadeLate spring through early fallBlooms all season, easy to take care of, works well in containers, tolerant to diseases
Penny MacMophead hydrangeaPartial sunMidsummer through early fall a repeat bloomer, easy to care for, fast-growing, attracts birds
Let’s Dance StarlightBigleaf hydrangeaFull to partial sunMidsummer through early fall salt-tolerant, small, repeat Bloomer, perfect for containers

Image by Adriana Knop from Pixabay

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