Best hydrangeas for a sunny spot

Best hydrangeas for a sunny spot

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If you live in an area that has ample sunlight and you simply can’t find a place in your garden that’s going to provide afternoon shade, rest assured you can still plant hydrangeas, you just need to find the ones that are best suited for a sunny spot.

Full sun hydrangeas

Most hydrangeas prefer a lot of shade especially in the afternoon but there are some varieties that thrive in sunlight. If you have a small garden that is full of sun almost all day long, the hydrangea paniculata is the best option for you. These flowers provide large clusters that take on a white color and they fade to pink or red before they eventually dry and turn beige.

Growing hydrangea paniculata doesn’t only require full sun, it can be grown in areas that have partial shade. What matters most is having moist, well-drained soil that is heavy in organic matter. You can add things like peat moss or compost to give your soil a little something extra. The hydrangea Paniculata is one of the strongest and hardiest varieties so it will grow in even the most inclement weather, another thing to bear in mind when choosing the perfect shrub for your garden.

If you opt for a hydrangea paniculata, you can prune it in winter or early spring because the blooms will produce on the current year’s growth.

Standout varieties

Hydrangea paniculata bombshellThis is a dwarf variety perfect for smaller gardens that grows 3 ft tall and 4 feet wide. It will produce clusters of white flowers starting from the middle of summer through fall.
Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora, PeeGeeThis shrub is quite large and can be cultivated into the shape of a small tree.
Hydrangea paniculata LimelightIf you want to do something different and you prefer unique colors, the Limelight produces lime green flowers that grow from the middle of summer through fall but it can reach up to eight feet tall.
Hhydrangea paniculata vanilla strawberryThis variety has large clusters of white flowers but as they fade they turn to a strawberry pink color. It can reach up to  7 ft tall.
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