Hydrangea Questions & Answers

Hydrangea Questions & Answers

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We have put together this questions and answer section to answer the most common questions which come up in regards to Hydrangeas. There not in any particular order but feel free to browse the questions to see if you see one that relates to your query.


  • Why want my Hydrangea flower?

There are many reasons that can cause them to not flower, one reason is the soil could be to rich and high in nitrogen which causes the plant to focus on producing new foliage and not flowers. Damage to young foliage can also effect flowering, usually caused when planted in areas that are two exposed and open to the worst weather. Pruning hydrangeas to hard can also cause lack of flowers, some hydrangeas flower on new growth and if pruned before flowering you are effectively cutting off the new flower buds.

hydrangea white just opening
hydrangea white just opening


  • How do I prune my hydrangea?

The type of hydrangea determines how you need to prune your plant, the most popular mop heads, lacecaps and oakleaf hydrnagea all flower on new growth so can be pruned straight after flowering or early spring before new growth starts. hydrangea paniculata’s do not need to be pruned. See more information pruning hydrangeas

  • How do you prune Oakleaf hydrangeas?

Oak leafed Hydrangeas flower on new growth and do not require pruning every year, prune only to tidy up or remove crossing branches. See out guide on pruning Oakleaf Hydrangeas

  • Can I grow Hydrangeas in pots?

Hydrangeas can be grown in pots and some varieties are now especially breed with plants in pots in mind such as Hydrangea ‘Selma’. Read more on growing hydrangeas in pots

  • How do I turn hydrangeas pink?

Pink hydrangeas grow in alkaline soil of a ph of around 6 to 6.3, if you have acidic soil you can try to make your soil more alkaline by adding limestone or chalk to the soil. See our in depth guide on changing hydrangea colors.

  • How do I turn hydrangeas blue?

To turn hydrangeas blue or improve the colouring of flowers you need to have acidic soil, this can be achieved by adding aluminum sulphate to the soil. If planting in pots you need to use ericaceous compost. See link above on details information on changing hydrangea colors.

  • Which hydrangeas can change color?

Not all hydrangeas can change colour, white and green flowered hydrangeas cannot change there colour, the large Mop head varieties and delicate Lacecap varieties can.

  • How to plant hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas grown in pots can be planted any time of year but if you are moving one which is all ready planted that this can only be done once the plant has gone dormant for the winter. All ways soak the root ball before planting and never plant any deeper than the original soil level. See ours plant guide article

  • Hydrangeas pest and diseases?

Hydrangea do not seem to suffer from pest and diseases but are few of the more common problems including Aphids, Rose Chafers which are beetles, slugs and snails and hydrangea scale. See our pest and disease guide.